I feel like you can be inspirational without being preachy. Granted sometimes being preachy can be the only way to get through to someone (me included). As a life-long church goer I have been in worship services that inspire while some make one think. People get inspired by different sources and through different situations and that is good. Perhaps we need thought that is inspirational while being informative. Just a thought.


If I Ever Get Too Preachy


I am aware as a believer that some are not. However I want to share my faith with folks as a way of conversing with them and to let them know that Jesus is cool. However some have been injured by folks bashing them over the head with the Bible, something I never want to do. Whatever your state of faith, I respect it. If I ever get too preachy about anything please call me on it. My goal is to love my neighbor as I love myself and part of that is respecting who my neighbor is as a person. I am counting on you!