Nerdy People


Nerdy people are people who want to live authentic lives. They want to be themselves and to expess their personality in a unique way. Their interests vary but they are always passionate about the stuff that makes life awesome. I am proud to be a nerdy person, one of many.

Everyone Needs A Blogging Friend


I am blessed to have many cool people I share a interest in blogging. These people inspire me and help me continue to be creative and to develop myself in this hobby of mine. Everyone needs people they can connect with to exchange ideas and promote friendship. Being kind to one another can keep us all engaged in our lives as bloggers. Keep on blogging my friends.


Real, Living Bloggers


When I follow a blog, I want it to be someone who is a real, live blogger, not a bot or some other non human construct. I like to see people with a pulse who are actually posting content with thought and feeling. Blogging is a important thing to the world. Tumblr, Blogger, WordPress and the like need more creative people. So fellow bloggers, go out and be original and creative.

Our Daily Posts


As we all know Tumblr has a post limit (so I have been told) and that is something I never hit. On a slow day I publish six times on average each day on an active day or if I am doing something I want to share I have been known to post 10 times in a day. Most of my posts are original, meaning they were not reblogged from another source.

What inspires you to post? Do you think too many posts can diminish your blogs effectiveness?

My main question is how many posts do you do on average a day?

Blog Changes


I changed the color scheme of my blog and added a couple of pages. The color I chose was TARDIS blue from the TV show “Doctor Who” and made the background 100% black. I have added a couple more stories per page. There is also a new blog graphic on the sidebar at the top. I hope you like these changes and that it will be easy on the eyes.

The Thing About Yoga


On Thursdays I do a Yoga class at my church (yes Yoga in a church) and it has helped me stretch and get some exercise. There is something about clearing your head and letting someone else have control. Of course it takes you some time to get used to the practice of it all. As a believer in Christ it’s much the same thing. Clearing my heart and head and letting Him in to help me go through the exercise that is life can make me a better person. Being stretched in faith is like being stretched in Yoga, there are some challenges. However when you get the hang of it your life can change for the better. So Yoga at Church isn’t such a bad thing.

Tumblr for Personal Blogging


Its my experience that Tumblr is a ideal place for a personal blog. Its simplicity helps you focus on creating and reaching out to fellow bloggers. Some folks ask what blogging platform to use other than Tumblr to do a regular blog but you can do it here and have the potential for millions of other users as an audience. Its also a place to be inspired by other bloggers. Some folks call Tumblr a microblogging site but I am not so sure it fits that definition any longer. Selecting the right theme can help you attract readers too.

You can post different sorts of media along with text. They have worked to have some integrated tools to make it easy. You can also cross post to Twitter and Facebook.

There is nothing wrong with other systems such as Blogger and WordPress they are tested and approved by millions of users. Tumblr is an up an coming place to be. I think with the backing of Yahoo they will be in this thing for the long haul.

As I always say, be the star of your own blog and keep on blogging.