Our Daily Posts


As we all know Tumblr has a post limit (so I have been told) and that is something I never hit. On a slow day I publish six times on average each day on an active day or if I am doing something I want to share I have been known to post 10 times in a day. Most of my posts are original, meaning they were not reblogged from another source.

What inspires you to post? Do you think too many posts can diminish your blogs effectiveness?

My main question is how many posts do you do on average a day?


Tumblr Post Limit…Its A Good Thing, Maybe.


I was importing an old blog to Tumblr last night and I reached the post limit for the day. Now I know that over 100 posts in a day will get you a time out. Having a post limit is a strange thing to me but I suppose its there for a reason. In the age of spam Tumblr is trying to keep that useless web traffic to a minimum. The last thing I wanna do is see spam on Tumblr or anywhere. Perhaps when importing a blog perhaps they could lift that limit. I have read that there is a limit because the founders of the site want their users to get out and have a life. Blogging is better when you get out every now and then.