“The Iron Lady” Simple Brilliance

Our Friday night movie was a historical and dramatic depiction of the life of former British Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher. Played by Meryl Streep we are taken back in time to Lady Thatcher’s childhood and rise to political prominence. If you are a Britphile and political junkie (like me) this is a fantastic film. Streep’s performance is awesome and she makes it look effortless. Jim Broadbent is one of the better actors out there and does a great performance as Dennis Thatcher. There are a few people you will recognize such as Anthony Head, Iain Glen and Richard E. Grant who have been in “Doctor Who”. You must see this film.

Election Day 2013: Five things to watch today


Voters go to the polls Tuesday to elect governors in Virginia and New Jersey, pick new mayors in New York City, Boston, Detroit and other municipalities, and decide on a host of ballot issues across the country.

(My Take: If you live in a area that’s holding elections today, get out and vote. It’s the right afforded to you as being a citizen of our country.)

Election Day 2013: Five things to watch today

Politics and Relationships


Discussing politics can be a very conflicting conversation. No two people agree 100% on the issues of the day. We have to be wary of conflict because there can be relationships impacted. I hate to argue but I also have my opinions and I want to share them. After all I have this blog thing so naturally I am inclined to want to speak out a little.

Some folks can be political and preserve a friendship. I have friends who disagree with me that are good people. We do have other things that bind us together such as religion (which is another blog post all together) and that is great. 

People who can in good conscious agree to disagree but still love each other are strong individuals. Perhaps there are other things that are more important than politics. But these days it seems that the discussions in DC have taken a heightened profile for American’s. 

No matter if you are Democrat, Republican or Independent your voice matters. But don’t let your voice come between you and those you love. People matter more than principles. 

Commentary for October 1, 2013


Maybe the scariest haunted house is the US Capitol Building and the ghouls inside are members of congress. I am one of those liberals your mom told you about and I am discouraged about what’s happening on The Hill. We need to support one another and pray that our leaders will come together. The good news of the day is that the Sun came out, the calendar changed and God is still good. Hang on brothers and sisters.

Peace for Egypt


This situation in Egypt has gotten scary. Hundreds are dead in violent protests over their former president. We have seen the unrest there since the Arab Spring of last year. Egypt is a political and cultural place of importance in the region and the world. Pray for peace and reconciliation.

What Happened to Fear Not?


Many in our society are afraid, fearful, scared. It can be shown in their politics, religion, opinions. They are afraid that their way of life is going to be upset because others are finally receiving equality and some fairness. It is sad to see how many are paranoid because the traditions and standards they fought to maintain are being changed. Fairness and justice means extending the rights some enjoy to everyone in society. It seems we live in a selfish world where some value their principles over the greater good. My fear is that we are becoming a scared land to live in and scared people, animals, anything will become desperate to keep what they have and will do so at all costs. Sharing the wealth is a good thing. Nothing to be afraid of.