NPR Live, Online and Via Podcasts


I am a big fan of podcasts. I also love NPR and I listen to it on my local station WUTC FM 88 when I am in my truck and at home online when I am in my Nerd Corner.

On the NPR website there is a directory of podcasts from NPR’s headquarters and its member stations throughout the United States. You can listen to them on your favorite software platform, just subscribe by RSS or iTunes.


Night Vale – Welcome to Night Vale Wiki


For everything Night Vale, this Wiki is for you. 


We have listened to the first two podcasts and its delightfully weird and strange. Just like everyone who listens to it. Its like “Under The Dome” meets “Lake Wobegon” according to my wife.

Who’s up for a meet up at the Dog Park?

Night Vale – Welcome to Night Vale Wiki