Having a fixed point in a world of change


It’s important for each of us to have something that centers our lives. Having a fixed point to give direction is important. People can feel lost when that one thing that keeps us focused is no longer there. We have all felt a little lost from time to time when those familiar things disappear. As our communities change through growth, transitions and disasters the familiar icons we have seen all our lives no longer look the same.

For me God has been that centering point in my life. For others it can be friends.  It’s like The Doctor in Doctor Who needs his TARDIS and a companion to keep him from flying off course. Having a community of support is vital. Its important to have something, someone, someplace that doesn’t change much in your life. My wife, who loves me, keeps me on track when I need it.

The people of Oklahoma, The Jersey Shore, New Orleans and the other places are having to reshape their communities after disasters. Things like schools, businesses, hospitals, favorite places to eat are no longer there or are very damaged. For them they face long time of rebuilding and reshaping the places they call home.

Without those boundaries and familiar places we have felt a little uneasy, confused, disoriented. Everyone needs that fixed point in life to keep them from going off course. So much in life has change, and as time goes on there will be more change. Coping with that change can show us a little of who we are. I know lots of people who pine over the good old days while others are all about the new.

Friends, planet Earth is a chaotic place to live. I hope you will all find peace and that one thing that anchors you.




Change it’s a part of life

You find it in your pocket

Old gives way to new

Its about the times

People, places, faces in transition

Regeneration from one person to another

The seasons come and go

Growing in life and love

Coming into life and passing into death

It is a human thing

Technology getting better

Going from war into peace

Adapting and adopting

Its about you and its about me