Something About Pinterest


The recipes you find on Pinterest come out of some evil lab by someone who wants to drive up your blood sugar or make a kid ever hyper. Some of the stuff on the site is a collection of food made to make your mouth water and your jaws drop. Anytime you can blend cookie dough and brownie batter and Oreo cookies is like making the food version of Frankenstein’s monster. Really where do these concoctions come from. Culinary imagination is on full display there. One thing I wanna know is where these recipes have been all my life.


Dinner By Pinterest, An Culinary Adventure


My wife is a Pinterest enthusiast. She has found some great recipes to add to our rotation of meal menus. The choice and variety is amazing…and overwhelming if you ask me. For dinner tonight she is making Chicken Cordon Bleu with Simple Sweet and Creamy Sweet Corn. Some things that are pinned are good while others make you wonder what the heck? Its an adventure either way. I am looking forward to tonights meal very much. Pictures to come later for sure.