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Whatever you are doing to be creative be sure to share it with your followers. Art, photography, cooking, crafting, woodwork and more are all things to share with your followers. Feedback can be a gift to help you improve what you are doing too. Blogging can inspire and inform us to what others are passionate about.


Portrait Studios in Walmart and Sears Closing


I workded for Olan Mills a national photography company that had portrait studios in K-Marts and other places around the country. Lifetouch bought them in November 2011 and from what I understand they have closed a bunch of the Olan Mills branded studios around the country.

A report on CNN I saw today reports that portrait studios in Walmart and Sears are closing too. Personal digital photography has impacted the business of studios around the country. I think that lack of disposable income has hurt business in the portrait business.

Its sad to see this happen because the photographer in a studio can provide a great portrait that will last a lifetime and create many memories. It will be interesting to see how small, independent studios fare down the road.



Did you know: Yesterday (September 12) marked the 8th anniversary of Johnny Cash’s death?

On Nov. 21, 1969, Johnny Cash graced the cover of LIFE Magazine — He had just released “At San Quentin,” his second live album recorded before inmates (the first, “At Folsom Prison,” was his breakthrough). Wrote LIFE of the king of country music, “He has been fascinated by railroads since childhood when his father would hop freights to look for work.”

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9/11: The Week Before

The attacks of September 11th, 2001 came as a huge surprise, shocking the world and immediately dominating the news around the world. Ten years later, the reverberations from that shock and the varying reactions to it continue to affect nearly everyone in ways large and small. While most people remember where they were on that day, it can be difficult to recall what else was happening in the days just before. I thought it would be interesting to go through the newswires and find photos of events taking place around the world during the week of September 3 to September 10, 2001. Some of the photos are directly related to the upcoming attacks, or the fallout that resulted, many have nothing at all to do with the attacks, but simply show glimpses of what was happening at that time. Gathered here is a time capsule of images taken during this week of September, one decade ago, before everything changed.

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