A Great Photo App for Android – PicPlz


I have discovered a great photo app for Android that resembles the wildly popular Instagram found on the iPhone. PicPlz allows you to edit photos, put different filtering effects and more. It comes with the Aviary photo editing system too. I have used it a couple of times today and it is something I will stick with on my MyTouch Android.



Did you know: Yesterday (September 12) marked the 8th anniversary of Johnny Cash’s death?

On Nov. 21, 1969, Johnny Cash graced the cover of LIFE Magazine — He had just released “At San Quentin,” his second live album recorded before inmates (the first, “At Folsom Prison,” was his breakthrough). Wrote LIFE of the king of country music, “He has been fascinated by railroads since childhood when his father would hop freights to look for work.”

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Your Tumblr Experience?


I have been using Tumblr pretty heavy (at least for me) since June and have found it to be a pretty good all-round blogging and expression system. I wanna know what you think about it. Does it do the job you need for long-form blogging, media posting, cross posting to Facebook and Twitter and more. I have found it easy and quite cool. With the BlackBerry app I have on my phone I can view Tumblr as well as post to it with ease. Click on my “ask” button to reply if you wish. Thanks for your feedback.