Can You Take This Call?


In my line work I talk to people of all ages and all walks of life. Our world is more connected with technology than ever before. A good majority of us have wireless phones that do amazing things. They have apps that can help us manage our lives….one thing these phones can do that many have seemed to forget is to talk on them.


It is important for users of a certain age to be trained in how to have conversations that do not involve texting. Users of a certain age still use their phones to have a voice conversation and will leave voice mail. Using these traditional tools of communication is vital sometimes because you can’t convey emotion in the same way by text based chat. It’s important for people of all generations to take a call in all forms.


Smart Phones, Yes You Can Talk On Them


It’s almost strange, while it shouldn’t be to get a call on your smartphone. Yes those devices can make and receive voice calls but you know you use that device for texting, web, apps and games more than you talk to someone on it.

I just got a call and it was almost strange to speak to a person on it. It was a reminder that yes you can talk on them. You can use your voice to talk instead of using your fingers to send a message.

Most of my communication seems to be text based and with my wife, family and friends. I guess we can’t forget those are phones too and its their primary purpose.

Call Me, On My Landline


Recently we have had a problem with our cell signal at home. The tower that we seem to roam off of the most was down most of the week. We could get signal in other parts of town but this led me to think about our landline.

So many people are cutting the cord as a means of sparing the expense of a landline but our experience this week made me glad to have one. I love the security of having a home phone line because its a wired connection that is up more than its down. I believe having both wired and wireless offers the most reliable connections possible. 

Having a home phone also allows me to contact people without fear of losing a signal where I live. Every call is clear and when you call some numbers you need as much clarity as possible.

So I am a bit retro, Call me at home on a phone with a cord on it. We say yes to the landline.

One Week Ago, New Phone, New Blog


One week ago was a huge day. Last Friday, I set up this new blog and later that day we got new cell phones. There are days when your inner geek can experience joy and rapture. Technology can help you express yourself as well as stay in contact with others. Our new phones work so much better than our old ones in that they do so many more things. My new blog is taking shape and I have good following so far.

I cannot forget to keep my tech in check because it can capture my attention and won’t let go easily. Things like blogs and phones can be weapons of mass distraction so I have to remember to acknowledge others around me. When its all said and done its people that matter most, not the devices or means of contact.

Hanging on the Telephone


I am trying to get my unemployment benefits situated. To do this I have been on hold on the phone for over 5 hours this week. I am hanging on trying to get this done so I can get my questions answered. This is very frustrating but it has to be done. 

This is what its like on the other side of the phone. I have worked in customer service in my life and when you have hundreds if not thousands of people needing to find out the same info it can be like waiting in traffic. 

A Call For Help


Calling customer and tech support can be a tricky situation. When you call in to get a problem resolved you hope for a easy and pleasant experience, however it can go the other way.

There can be language and cultural differences that can make it difficult to get things done. Telephone connections can make things challenging too depending if your phone is wired or not.

Frustrating situations can make one lose their cool and bang their head against a wall. Being patient is always the best course of action because you want to get things accomplished in a timely fashion. Its easy to get emotional because you are doing everything they are telling you to and for some reason you can’t seem to get things working the way you should. 

It seems like the more dependent we are on our gadgets, phones and the like the more we are at the mercy of those companies support personnel. In times like these we long for simpler times. 

T-Mobile Phone Dilemma


We have been struggling with our T-Mobile phones for awhile now. Both Laura’s and my handsets would restart without us doing a thing, applications would load with out us touching the screen. The reception was problematic in our neighborhood. All these problems led us to call customer service and technical support.

Tatiana, a tech support agent helped us troubleshoot our problems. She did great job talking us through settings and seeing what could be done to resolve our issues. Eventually we had to do a factory reset of our phones and we won’t be running any apps like Instagram, Evernote or FourSquare for a few days.

There seems to be a reception issue in our part of town and they promise it will be looked into within three days. Its been a frustrating time with our mobile phones but we are trying to make it work.

Land-line Phones, Always Reliable


Say what you will about land-line telephones but I will say that its way more reliable than your mobile. I also think its worth the added expense. There are phone lines in areas where there is zero cell service. You can also make unlimited calls with the exception of long distance which in some places there is still a charge especially for overseas calls. We have our local power provider as our cable, phone and Internet provider along with T-Mobile as our cell provider. Our land-line phone is rock solid, time tested technology.