Hi, I am Cody. I am a indoor dog and very happy to have people who care about me. There are other pets who are outdoor types and I hope that they get to come in on a very cold night we are about to have. Love your pets, let them inside for the night because its going to get really really cold.

Pet Issues


I wish pet owners would care about their pets enough to keep them fenced, chained, kenneled or in the house and not out in the neighborhood. Its good for the safety of everyone including pets whose parents do the right thing. I’ve seen too many bad things happen in this situation. Off soapbox.

Love Your Pets


Tonight while taking our dog out for a wee I saw some neighborhood  dogs getting into a fight. Yes dogs will fight, it is kind of a instinct thing. It is a scary to see two canines in combat. My point to this is take care of your dogs and cats. Don’t let them roam free so they might get into a fight and harm others. Discipline and control are important. I know its hard to keep an eye on them all the time but they can be kenneled, fenced and leashed. Don’t let a loved member of your family get into a situation that would turn out tragic. Love your pets and they will love you back.

Americans Spent Record $56 Billion on Pets in 2013 – NBC News


Pets aren’t cheap. Especially when your pet is a big dog like ours. Food and treats are big expenditures. Some pets are higher maintenance and cost more to maintain. However they are members of the family and of course you are going to spend on them to make them feel safe and nurtured.

Americans Spent Record $56 Billion on Pets in 2013 – NBC News


Sudden-Onset Dog Head

My wife posted this on my Facebook timeline. Our dog Cody does this sort of thing all the time. He wants what we are having and will do the head under the armpit thing. Its like he wants to get a better look of something he wants. Its funny until it becomes a little annoying.