Vision is an important thing to people. Without it you can find yourself wandering off course, not to say you are lost have you but, you aren’t on the course you should be on. There seems to be a struggle out there where people are trying to find their way and perhaps its they have stopped dreaming about what is possible or they think big things are impossible. This is just a little topic I wanted to explore more, what do you think?


Your Blog’s Look, What Does It Say?


A well done blog is one where its easy to read above anything else. The layout of a website is a reflection of the designer and the content producer. Getting your message across means thinking about the person who will be reading it first. A busy background, non complimentary colors and too much eye candy can get in the way of your blog being its best.

There are a lot of themes on Tumblr choose the one that suits your personality. Your theme should help you communicate what you want to say in the best possible way.

Opinions, Share At Your Own Peril


It seems that sharing your opinion on anything can be a soul cleansing experience or it can be a landmine of controversy and venom. A friend of mine who shall remain nameless did that in regard to a fandom and was soundly blasted for it. This leads to the idea that the more social and open we are about something to more we tend to pay the price.

Friends the Internet can be a great place to get information and news about important things. It can also be a great generator of unnecessary drama among people. Look at any social media platform and there has been a war of words between two people who probably were friends just a day ago.

I have said a few things that have riled up people. Challenging someones beliefs or the things that they are deeply into can be a fast way to fracture friendships. Perhaps we take things too seriously these days. Coming from a person with a thin skin maybe we need to thicken it up.

Our identity is wrapped up in things like movies, TV, books, sports teams and the like. We can be deeply hurt when someone makes fun of us for that. I think geeks and nerds are more impacted by that because that is a part of their nature. They are motivated by the stuff they are into.

You have to own the words you say. Words can impact a person in positive and negative ways.It is worth noting that you have the power to lift people up or tear them down. Opinions can change the world or they can reinforce previously held ideas. We have to respect the freedom that many of us have to express ourselves but lets do it in a responsible way.

Peace and Calm in The Chaos


In our world of chaos and turmoil I pray that each of us will come together to be the change we want to see. Many are suffering personal issues that has binded them from living life in its fullness. Our communities have violence on the streets and in the workplace. Natural disasters have impacted many people and places around the world. God I pray for your grace and peace and calm through all of this. I ask you will give us comfort in days like these.

Friends, know someone cares. There are people who think you matter and that you are special. Hang in there, this too shall pass.

Why I Blog?


That is a good question…I think I have an answer.

Its a hobby, its a great pastime that allows one to make life better.

Journaling has been around forever in the forms of diaries, and taking notes in real-time. 

Collecting ones personal images, life events and media can create a log of your life.

I enjoy expressing myself and sharing my thoughts. I certainly hope it doesn’t come across as narcissistic or self-centered. Sharing your life is not a bad thing.

Its the act of coming together as a community. Blogging is about knowing self and knowing others.

Blogging can help you practice writing and keeps one mind active.

Its about connecting with the world in a peaceful way (well hopefully peaceful).

It can inform family, friends and future friends what you are about.

These are some of the reasons why I blog, why do you blog?

Our Daily Posts


As we all know Tumblr has a post limit (so I have been told) and that is something I never hit. On a slow day I publish six times on average each day on an active day or if I am doing something I want to share I have been known to post 10 times in a day. Most of my posts are original, meaning they were not reblogged from another source.

What inspires you to post? Do you think too many posts can diminish your blogs effectiveness?

My main question is how many posts do you do on average a day?

Tumblr for Personal Blogging


Its my experience that Tumblr is a ideal place for a personal blog. Its simplicity helps you focus on creating and reaching out to fellow bloggers. Some folks ask what blogging platform to use other than Tumblr to do a regular blog but you can do it here and have the potential for millions of other users as an audience. Its also a place to be inspired by other bloggers. Some folks call Tumblr a microblogging site but I am not so sure it fits that definition any longer. Selecting the right theme can help you attract readers too.

You can post different sorts of media along with text. They have worked to have some integrated tools to make it easy. You can also cross post to Twitter and Facebook.

There is nothing wrong with other systems such as Blogger and WordPress they are tested and approved by millions of users. Tumblr is an up an coming place to be. I think with the backing of Yahoo they will be in this thing for the long haul.

As I always say, be the star of your own blog and keep on blogging.