Period TV and Movies


Lately period Television and Movies have grown in popularity. Perhaps our desire to escape to a different time where things were easier draws us in. Escaping from our reality of the day to day life has us wanting a better life. Our modern world finds calamity, chaos and suffering that we want to get away from.

Now the worlds of Downton Abbey, Call The Midwife, Mr. Selfridge and the like aren’t without their own drama but it seems like people came together more and loved more. We seek to be in those times if not but an hour or two.

Jane Austen is a great source for escapist fare with many of her works being produced for TV and film. Of course we have The Chronicles of Narnia that takes us into World War II where we are transported to magical lands. Friends, enjoy these programs. Support them. Have fun. It’s Sunday night and PBS is the place to be.