Give Yourself A Break


Don’t be so hard on yourself good people. Speaking from one person who is hard on himself to be a better person and not make mistakes. I know how it feels to want to be the best they can be. Mistakes will be made, you aren’t perfect and life will disappoint you every now and then. You are loved by a fellow blogger as well as God.


Breaking News…We are all imperfect.


There are times when I am hard on myself, I am too critical, to self-loathing. I apologize for things I don’t even do. At times I beat myself up for my mistakes. When I see other folks do it I get some perspective that we live in a world that wants perfection in everything but we are disappointed in the results sometimes. Breaking news folks we all make mistakes and sometimes we need give ourselves a break. Grace is so important in a world that is so flawed. I believe that God still loves us no matter what. We have the opportunity to love and to be loved through it all. Take it easy as The Eagles once sang.