Disturbance in the personal force.


Some of my followers seem to be stressed about one thing or another. There is a disturbance to our personal “force”. I sense tension and frustration with many. There seems to be always something that gets to us. My friends I hope you will find peace and comfort soon. Don’t let the crap get to you. Hang in there, have hope. Love and grace to each of you in the coming days.




if each of us gave a little of our time each week to help someone in need the world would be a better place. Think about the problems that would be solved and the work that would be done. I work in a blood bank and it only takes 30-45 minutes to donate something that saves lives. Just imagine all the good that could happen to hopefully defeat the evil that seems to be prevalent in the world. Giving with joy is an amazing thing. Fight fear with hope, give love to defeat hate.

The Time Of Now


Somehow we have forgotten or don’t even realize its the 21st century. Things going on around the world seem to be rooted in ancient strife and attitudes. Very sad if you ask me.

The times we are in are scary but we have the chance to make things right. Never give up on true humanity that’s filled with faith, love, peace and grace. Change begins with the person in the mirror.

Be Good, Even On A Tuesday


Be good to yourselves, your friends, your neighbors, everyone. Give those who are crying out a helping hand. No one in this live should bear the burdens of their hearts and souls entirely alone. Give yourself a break today, don’t be hard on yourself. Let go of the stupid stuff that makes your life difficult. Have some joy even in times of struggle. Have faith in things bigger than yourself, bigger than all of us. Make today something different, something better. Free yourselves for joyful participation in the good things of life. You are loved today.



I wish we could all live in peace instead of having to wait to rest in peace. The things that give us grief, pain and emotional suffering should not be allowed to determine the course of our lives. Whatever hurts your hearts good people get help and have a awesome life.