Being a Patriot


Patriots are people who give their all for their country. Some speak up against injustice and hatred. You don’t have to be all married to the traditional notions of patriotism. Sometimes it means serving your community, helping others and doing good things. I believe that assuring the rights of people on the fringes should be advanced. My faith should not speak for my country. Church and state should be two separate things. Speaking out to enhance the liberties of others is all patriotic. Sometimes living for your country and community can mean as much as dying for it. Be a new type of patriot.


Patriotism, A New Definition


The notion of being a patriot means waving your flag, high and mighty. Saying if you don’t love this country in a certain way you need to pack your bags and leave. Guns are a must and you have to be a Christian in order to be called a real patriot. Well friends I am a Christian but I think Jews, Muslims and those who don’t believe can love their country. I don’t wave my flag high and mighty, I am not a fan of guns and people who come to this country to make a go of it should be given the chance. 

Patriotism is sometimes going against the definition written by others. It means peaceful dissent, it means caring for the least of these, it means loving your fellow man and woman, it means giving rights to those who are on the fringes. Loving your country shouldn’t mean tearing down another nation in the process.

I thank everyone who wore the uniform and gave a part of or their whole lives for our freedoms. Those freedoms are sacred. 

Our nation is becoming more diverse everyday. People of all walks of life will contribute in some way to make this country better. We have to recognize that patriotism does not have just one definition or standard. If we put it in a box we do our founding fathers a disservice as well as those who have fought for rights based upon race and gender equality.

 It is OK to love your country and not like it in totality. Let freedom ring in whatever form it takes.