I am glad to live in a world with information and communication available at my fingertips. However I am not glad of how its conditioned us to expect everything in an instant. We seem to have lost our patience and ability to wait. Many places of business are operating on a reduced staff from years past so you might not get what you need when you want it. Yes we have instant everything but everything shouldn’t be there in an instant.


Achieving Ones Daily Goals


Achieving your daily goals an be accomplished by a lot of hard work and determination. Here are a few things I do on the job that helps me do good things.

  • Being persistent, keep on going when things get tough.
  • Have patience, its a virtue
  • Work smart so you won’t have to sweat too much
  • Using your prior experience to help you today
  • Learn from your success and mistakes, try not to repeat the mistakes.
  • Being respectful to your customers
  • Be humble, be hungry
  • Work as a teammate with others, be supportive of others

Remember not everyday will go your way and you won’t always reach your quota. Always work hard daily to achieve them and your super good days will balance out some of the days were you struggle. Always be willing to be a servant leader to those you work with and work for.



Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers once sang “The Waiting Is The Hardest Part”….there is great wisdom in that. Having patience in anything can test ones well patience. In waiting you don’t know what is going to happen, when its going to happen. Some things you know will happen can take their time in taking place. The one thing in my life right now I am not looking forward to leaves me with life up in the air a bit. Friends this one thing I wish would never happen but it’s a part of life. There is a beginning and end in everyone’s story and there’s a lot of waiting in between. The waiting is indeed the hardest part.

Leave A Message


When calling a business sometimes you have to leave a message or a voice mail. You won’t always be able to talk to someone you need immediately, your concerns and needs are important but there are others who are in the same situation. You have a role in getting a response to your issues.

Sometimes there is just one person responsible for a function in a office or organization and they have a lot of people to manage. These people have a important responsibility, they do care. Patience in this situation is a good thing. Leave a message, you are important, you will be taken care of, in time.

Love Your Fellow Blogger


Behind every blog, there is a human being. That person is someones child, spouse, partner and friend. Being kind and showing love can have a ripple effect. In our world today so many are going through so much. Love one another and extend grace when needed. Of course we have to call out those who are not blogging by the Golden Rule but do it in a way that they will eventually be kind to others. We are all in this world and life together, be good for goodness sake.