Saying Farewell


It’s never a fun occasion to go to a funeral home. Tonight I went to pay my respects to Pat, a wonderful lady from church who died on Monday. She was a well loved woman with lots of spirit and spunk. Her husband passed a couple of years earlier. Pat lived well and it showed by all the folks who came to the visitation.

One thing I have learned is to live long, love fiercely and have a spirit that will infect others. Also live so that the officiant of your funeral doesn’t have to lie during the eulogy.

Remember those who have passed especially the ones who have worked and sacrificed to make your life better.


In Threes


It seems that celebrity deaths come in threes. First it was Shirley Temple Black and Sid Caesar, then today it was Ralph Waite. Entertainers come into our lives to make them brighter and to add some levity in the rough world we live in and when they pass its sad and like a part of us has gone with them. We will remember these three for their great works. Rest in peace Mrs. Black, Mr. Caesar and Mr. Waite. You have earned a final applause and curtain call.



There have been some good people I have known in my life that have passed away. Life is fragile and temporary. We are not guaranteed tomorrow. Each person must live a life that will be remembered. God has given us this life and has given us a purpose and we have to find out what that is and do that task laid before us. To all those who have passed into a life in eternity you will never be forgotten.