I Love A Parade


Yes, parades are really cool. Tonight I am headed to the Red Bank, Tennessee Christmas parade. My church’s youth and young adults will be in it so I want to support their efforts. I have been in a few parades in my day, high school and homecoming parades at my college alma mater. There’s something cool and timeless about seeing foats, bands, kids, adults, old cars and of course Santa Claus going down the main street of a community that has come together to enjoy this shared event.

Of course I will have some pix to be posted later.


Fun Times in Red Bank! – Today was the annual Red Bank Jubilee and Parade. This celebration is a great time for the community to come together and have some good clean fun. There was also a Moon Pie festival featuring the worlds largest Moon Pie and a Moon Pie eating competition between different community organizations. The weather was threatening a bit but the rain got out of the area so that they could hold all the festivities without problem. The crowd was larger than last years Jubilee too. Fun was had by all.