Being a member of an organization requires ones active participation to insure its success. Membership also means having a voice in making difficult decisions regarding its future. Sometimes it means having to change radically what the organization does or in some cases ending it all together. I am going to a meeting today where such decisions will be made. 

Membership has its privileges but also its responsibilities and obligations. If you are going to join something you must be prepared to support it even if it means ending it. 


Leave A Message


When calling a business sometimes you have to leave a message or a voice mail. You won’t always be able to talk to someone you need immediately, your concerns and needs are important but there are others who are in the same situation. You have a role in getting a response to your issues.

Sometimes there is just one person responsible for a function in a office or organization and they have a lot of people to manage. These people have a important responsibility, they do care. Patience in this situation is a good thing. Leave a message, you are important, you will be taken care of, in time.

Sorting Through


The last couple of days my wife has been sorting and organizing our home office. She is doing this before going back to work. My side of our office is also getting reorganized and redone. I have been sorting through lots of stuff I have held onto for awhile. It’s amazing what I have kept. Boxes, media, software, tech stuff and other things. It’s amazing what we don’t want to part with. I have filled a couple of trashcans full of things to my surprise. It is good to get rid of a few things. Our home office will be better for it. Just need to have patience. It will be good.