Ask and ye shall receive…sometimes


I always say at work ask not, get not. With that being said asking for something is a part of life. If you want to have more responsibility, money, sales, dates, anything you should be ready to ask for it. You never know, you might just get what you want. Asking requires humility too which is a very good virtue.

You will have rejection and road blocks along the way. Timing can be a important part of the equation of when you ask for something. Much of the time asking means appealing to the good nature of others who will provide opportunities for you. Never take advantage of people who you ask things of because going to the well one too many times can work against you.

It does take courage to ask for something you want, be prepared to say why you need it and always be ready to be rejected because that happens too. Now when someone asks you for something always be willing to reciprocate because you need to give as well. It helps balance things.

Life is full of opportunities, you have to ask for them sometimes. Not much in life will drop in your lap. Be ready to ask and receive.