I have this installed on my computer and it feels like old times. Ubuntu is a great operating system and I have missed many things about it. This is a big orange I can get behind. 


New Operating System – Xubuntu


I am trying out a new Linux operating system and so far I like it. Xubuntu 13.04 is a flavor of the wildly popular distro Ubuntu.


It features many popular Open Source programs such as Firefox, Thunderbird, Gimp, Abiword and more. It also comes with access to the Ubuntu Software Center so you can download thousands of other programs too. It uses Xfce as its GUI environment which has the feel of earlier distros using Gnome 2.

I have had it on my computer for a couple of days and there is some learning to do but its a part of trying something new. Its a speedy desktop OS that does much of what you need it to do. To all the other Computer OS geeks out there I will share more as I go along. 

Linux Mint Update – Two New Users


I have switched over to Linux Mint 13/Maya officially and while I was at it I installed it on my wife’s laptop too. She liked the way it worked like Windows XP and for me I have tweaked it to look a lot like Gnome 2 (which many people miss). There is something to be said about a shell that works well with all sorts of hardware configurations.

We have a couple of older computers that have been given new life with Linux Mint. Ubuntu 12.04 seems to work better with MATE than Unity for our machines. Not everyone needs a flashy desktop, what they want is something that just plain works. There were a couple of issues in the install that were troubling but were easily resolved. 

A while back I auditioned Linux Mint and wasn’t impressed but after a second look I can now recommend Linux Mint. Give it a try, you won’t be disappointed.