I Love Linux


I love how you can customize everything is in this operating system. You can download thousands of software programs, tweak settings, make it your what you want. The reason why I have used it for years is that its free however there is a learning curve to it just like any other software programs you use. Once you get the hang of it you can do almost anything you want. 


Farewell Dual Boot


I just gave Windows 7 the boot in favor of a Linux based Ubuntu on my new to me laptop. I figure I can do what I need to do in my computing life without Microsoft. Of course there will be a website or two that doesn’t work well with Linux but that’s not a serious issue. I love open source stuff and Ubuntu works with me.

Ubuntu 12.04 Release Day!


Today is the release of Ubuntu 12.04 which is code named Precise Pangolin. For those who don’t know Ubuntu is a free, open source operating system much like Windows or OSX. It is Linux based. I have been running Ubuntu for about a year and a half with little problems.

 Ubuntu comes loaded with everything you need to get on the web, view and manage pictures, listen to music, view videos and write and produce documents and spreadsheets and much much more. You can also download additional apps and tweaks for free. There is great tech support in the Ubuntu/Open Source community if one has any issues or needs help.

Today’s release is going to be a long term release which means it will be supported for a number of years. From what I read there is a new kernel and many improvements to the user interface. Of course there will be changes from version 11.10 which is what many are using now. 

I am excited about this as I am every time a new release comes about. There will be lots of buzz about it today and perhaps it will trend on Twitter.