I hate when people treat other people poorly online and in life. Come on no one deserves that, no matter what they have done. Sure you can be constructively critical but anything else is just being a jerk. Perhaps mean people need to go back to kindergarten to learn how to treat others better.


Online Friendships


I am not sure what the real shelf-life of a online friendship is. Perhaps its as long as what is invest into it. I have friends that I met on another blogging site that I have known for about 5 years and that seems like a long time these days.Some friends, online and offline are there for a reason and a season.

Often online friendships make the transition to reality when like-minded folks meet in-person. That is always exciting and you hope you can be as good of friends away from your Internet connection.

So when a relationship wanes there is sadness but the thing about life is that new people can come into your life. Online it seems to be a matter of being friended or followed. We all have a need for companionship in all parts of life. 

Be Good, Online And Elsewhere


Be a good citizen in your community and online. Treat others as you would want to be treated. Just because you have a blog and Twitter account doesn’t give you permission to be a jerk or to treat others poorly. With much power, comes much responsibility (someone good said that once). Keep others accountable when they do bad things. Be careful, be kind and remember that the blog you have now can be easily taken from you, your blogging platform has that right.

In Common


We may not have everything in life in common but we have blogging and that is a good start. Building a bridge of friendship happens one post at a time. This is a place where old and young can come together to understand their time of life. Welcome to all who follow me. I hope you all will be the star of your own blogs, you are the most interesting thing you can post about. Keep on blogging good people.

More Facebook Changes, More User Confusion


Soon, our friends at Facebook will be announcing a change to their news feed. This will be followed by cheers or jeers depending on who you ask. When it comes to change folks online seem to not enjoy it so much. The one thing about technology is its always changing, always evolving, always different. Its users are another issue. People get used to things working a certain way and they don’t like their interfaces being tinkered with. Its like Tumblr’s recent change got users up in arms. Yes it can all be confusing but hang in there, folks are there to help you deal with the changes.

Keeping It Real While Sharing The Love


A friend of mine is a social networking and media expert and If I don’t know something she is who I go to find out more. In a recent conversation she was saying how some social networking sites have become so negative and no longer a place to be affirmed and appreciated. There is little enjoyment these days. Everyone who blogs or does anything in social networking will experience opinions that bring the whole atmosphere down.

People are unfortunately bullied which is a whole other conversation. 

What happened to the fun, where’s the lighthearted conversation? So many of our encounters are with people who’s strong opinions can just wreck the experience of some. I am not saying their opinions don’t matter or they should not share them but perhaps we need to be sensitive to those around us.

Sharing the love is always right. 

The social community online is made up of a diverse group of people who come from different experiences. No two people are 100% alike, what inspires some can bring some down. Healthy dialogue is helpful but when we value our own opinion more than we value others is when trouble begins. In disclosure I have strong opinions too about some things but I choose to keep some things close to my heart. 

Perhaps we should be more lighthearted, careful with our speech, seeking understanding. Decency and restraint can be two disciplines that would benefit the whole social community.

Being original in your blogging and sharing from the heart is always the way to go for me but I try to do it with kindness and a desire to keep the peace. Of course every person has the right to take a stand for a cause or what they believe in but it can be done without tearing down.

Be fun, be yourself, be respectful online and in life.