Once Upon A Time – Season Premiere

OUAT returns tonight and there promises to be much action and adventure this season. The search for Henry in Neverland will be the focus for a big part of the season. Let’s see what happens with our favorite fairy tale heroes and villains.


TV Life or Death


Twitter was a flutter with the news of television shows fate. It was a good day for some shows while others are no longer with us. Disappointment and relief were felt by cast and crew along with fans today.

Shows I Like Coming Back

  • Castle
  • Once Upon A Time
  • Suburatory
  • The Middle

Shows I Like Going Away

  • Body of Proof
  • CSI: New York
  • Happy Endings
  • Go On

Television programming is a serious business. We live and die by our favorite programs. Now we must see what comes up next. 

Two Shows That Need To Take Me Somewhere…And Fast!


“Once Upon A Time” is all new tonight and “Revenge” returns after a few weeks off. Both shows need to take me somewhere in their story lines. Both are so bogged down in their plots it makes me wonder if its worth it to keep going with them. The constant evil victories of OUAT and the lack of focus of Revenge leaves me wanting something different. I am ready to see something different in each show and perhaps wrapping up of some story lines. Both shows won’t last the way they are going. As a matter of fact I don’t want them to stick around much past 3 seasons. Their stories are finite. We will have to see.