My Sports Saturday


I have watched Manchester United beat Crystal Palace 2-0 in Premier League Football/Soccer play and now I am watching my alma mater Middle Tennessee State University play Marshall University in hoops. The last couple of weeks I have watched the Olympics. Yeah, sometimes I wanna check out some sports not as gender cliche’ but there is something about the drama of it all.


Figure Skaters, Legitimate Athletes


Those men and women who put on the skates to do amazing things on ice. They are legit athletes who have to be in peak condition. What they do in their performances is simply breathtaking.

Style, power, grace, agility and artistry are all on display and they have to make every mark count. I am impressed with them as people too. Why do we/I watch skating every 4 years. No matter what country you are pulling for know these performers are the hottest things on ice.

The Sochi Winter Olympics, Ever Present Problems


As the 2014 Winter Olympics begin I look forward to the competition of the best athletes in the world,  but I am mindful of the human rights issues that are ever present. Culturally and historically Russia has much to offer the world but present actions aren’t acceptable in the day and age we live in. I hope those who are critical of the government and LGBTQ people there will be able to live free of persecution soon.

The athletes of all nations who have gone there do so representing their countries and are there to compete for themselves and the ideals of Olympic competition which is about fairness and humanity. They have little to do with politics and are fulfilling their dreams.


The 2014 Winter Olympics Begin Tonight!

Nations from around the world will go for the gold in Sochi, Russia. It promises to be a very interesting Olympics considering the troubles that have already been reported. The threat of terror is looming over these games as well. Whatever country you are supporting may all the competitors do their best to represent the ideals of fair competition and sportsmanship.

NBC has been home to both Summer and Winter games for a couple of decades now and they will preempt their schedule for two weeks so they can bring you coverage of the games. You can also check out MSNBC, CNBC and NBC Sports Network for expanded coverage. Their prime-time coverage begins tonight at 8pm Eastern.

TV viewers should expect a lot of reruns on other networks because it’s customary to not burn new episodes during an Olympics year. So you can choose to watch the games or catch up on episodes you missed.

Comment on Oscar Pistorius


Oscar Pistorius is the paralympian from South Africa who ran in the 2012 Olympics in London. He has world-wide fame for being a athlete who has overcome lots of challenges to get to where he is today.

Then comes Valentine’s day and he accidentally shoots his girlfriend who he mistakes as a burglar. Reeva Steencamp was a model and TV personality in South Africa who Pistorius had been dating for about four months. We can say this is a case that will be in the media world-world wide for a long time. 

He was granted bail today. Not to sound cynical but its the story of an athlete who at first seems to be getting away with murder because if his celebrity. Much like American footballer OJ Simpson. I know its early in the legal process but it sounds like a lot of dealing is going on to keep him out of prision.

Post-Olympics, Memories, Medals and Opportunities


Last night the Games of the 2012 Olympics ended with a great closing ceremony. London put on a great event and it will be remembered for years. The United States won more medals than any other country and its a source of national pride. Other nations gave memorable performances that made us all take notice. Its kind of sad these games are over with but life must go on. The Olympics are proof that nations can compete in a peaceful manner. We can celebrate our national pride while embracing our common interests and humanity. Our country needs to take the example of excellence on the field of play and put it into the classrooms and its communities. We can all be heroes for a lifetime if we embrace the spirit these games gave us. 


The US Women’s National Soccer (Football) team won Gold yesterday in the 2012 Olympic Games. They beat Japan 2-1 in what was a “redemption” game from the loss in the 2011 Women’s World Cup. This is one of the greatest teams of any sport of all time. Great work and Go USA!