The Old Guy, The Younger Follower, How Does This Work?


I am a middle-aged dork and it always amazes me when I get younger followers. Many of them are like half my age. I am not all that cool y’all. Sometimes my efforts to be relevant come across as being silly or head shaking. Maybe people like genuine people no matter what time of life they are in.

Thanks for your interest and friendship anyway.

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Older Tumblr Bloggers


I want to say I appreciate my fellow bloggers on Tumblr who are of a certain age. These are people who have lived a life that has given them plenty to blog about. There’s something to be said about maturity in how it can benefit others. Bloggers who have been there and have done that are cool people to know. If you can learn from the mistakes of others it will help you have a great life. We are here on Tumblr because its a great way to connect with people and its easy to post things here. The common bond with older and younger bloggers is that we are here to express ourselves and to make a little sense of our lives. So to you who are in your 40’s and older I salute you. Keep on blogging.

A Older Perspective on Tumblr


I got a very nice note from one of my followers who said “it is nice to have an older perspective on my blog” she said not to take it the wrong way. I didn’t, I took it as a compliment. 

Tumblr is a site where there are a lot of younger users, that fact is not lost on me. However it can be a place for a mature voice. A place to engage conversation and exchange ideas from different generations. Perhaps in our conversations we can gain further understanding on a wide array of  issues. 

I chose Tumblr for lots of reasons but the most important is that it has a system of tagging that allows for folks to get their posts to a wide audience. The ability to cross post to other platforms “Facebook, Twitter,  Etc” is also helpful in having a rich discussion. 

So to all the younger bloggers, thank you for your friendship and willingness to cross generations. To the older bloggers out there remember Tumblr can be for you too. Everyone, keep on blogging.

Tumblr and the Older Blogger


I really enjoy this thing called Tumblr. David Karp was on to something when he and his team started this social blogging platform. The number of people here with varied interests is amazing. Creating a sense of community here can be fun.

Being an “older” blogger here can be a interesting experience. My “about” on my blog says I am 40-something. This fact led me to ask the question, can younger and older bloggers find common ground and have a shared experience that brings them together. How much in common would someone in their early 20’s have with a person in their 30’s, 40’s and lets say 50’s. Tumblr has a large younger demographic. However there are many of us who skew older than lets say 18-25.

I enjoy my time here. This platform can be open to people of all ages, races, orientation and interests. Blogging can keep you younger and can keep you relevant in today’s changing world. What are your thoughts on this?