October Is Breast Cancer Awareness Month

During the month of October there is a focus on breast cancer and health. Both women and men can be impacted by this dreaded disease. Many people have been impacted in one way or another by this form of cancer. 

More than likely you have a family member or a friend who has or has had Breast Cancer. For some the fight was a victory while others have been taken from us tragically. There are stories of everyday people who have been impacted by this disease that have been heroic. My mother-in-law is a survivor because she caught it early.

Self examination is important in the fight against this disease. Research is ongoing into a cure for this and other cancers.

For more information on Breast Cancer Awareness visit or the National Breast Cancer Awareness Month website. Help spread the word about this important issue.

Commentary for October 1, 2013


Maybe the scariest haunted house is the US Capitol Building and the ghouls inside are members of congress. I am one of those liberals your mom told you about and I am discouraged about what’s happening on The Hill. We need to support one another and pray that our leaders will come together. The good news of the day is that the Sun came out, the calendar changed and God is still good. Hang on brothers and sisters.


Welcome October 2013

On this first day of October 2013 we feel the cool winds of change upon us. We also know our Government has shut down and there is a new reality that has us concerned. Lets hope for better days ahead. This is a month of changing colors, cooler days and nights also Halloween and candy corn; so there are some good things about this time of year. Let’s keep the faith.