I Support the Occupy Movement


I am coming out to say that I support the Occupy Movement that is happening nationally and globally. The people you see protesting are people from all walks of life who want access to the American dream which for them has become a fantasy or a nightmare.

This movement is about people who have done the right things in life such as go to college and take on loads of debt to do it in order have a better way of life. And when they got into the world of work they settled and had families and bought homes. Now those jobs have gone away due to the horrible economy and companies caring more about the bottom line than their workers. Many of these people want nothing more than to have a home, food in their bellies and other basic human needs.

People have fallen victim to a very bad economy and corporations making bad decisions. Everyone in this country is effected by this. Prices of everything from food, fuel, housing and more have gone up. Some folks however find themselves without a job or having to work 2 or more jobs to keep a roof over their heads. I think we have a situation where those who have continue to be blessed while others suffer. As banks charge to have access to our own money, affordable health care is out of the reach of many then we have a right to be concerned. People who are facing foreclosure and homelessness need a break. Those who are seriously ill and have no access to affordable health care need a break. No one is asking for a hand out they are asking for fairness and a hand up.

Its my opinion that in a nation of plenty that we need to be sure everyone has opportunity to resources to make their lives better. Its not just hippies in this protest its veterans, teachers, nurses, customer service reps, sales people, trades people, college grads, high school grads, factory workers, engineers, long term unemployed and more who are in this fight. To my conservative friends who scoff and dismiss this movement we need to be reminded that we are to take care of the least of these and to care for the widows and orphans. Jesus is not about the elite he is about the suffering people who need the blessings of life now more than ever.