The State of the Union is the address presented by the President of the United States to a joint session of the United States Congress, typically delivered annually.

President Obama will deliver his 6th SOTU tonight at 9:00 PM Eastern Time from Washington DC. It is always interesting to see what goes on and how people react to what the president has to say. I am a supporter of President Obama and there have been things I have agreed with and other things I have had questions about. He deserves respect in this task that he must perform. He will have a much tougher room this year. We shall see what happens.

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Inauguration Monday!


Tomorrow will be all about the Inauguration of President Barack Obama and Vice President Joe Biden. They were officially sworn in today per requirements of the Constitution. We will be watching MSNBC coverage of this historic event. Its going to be further special because the ceremony is taking place on Martin Luther King, Jr. Day. We will both be home tomorrow to watch it!

The President and The Congress


Last night the American people re-elected Barack Obama President. The nation wants the president and congress to work together and perhaps that is the message they sent last night. Getting things done in congress has been a problem over the past four years for the President. Its my hope that there will be some cooperation to get things done. The President has to work harder on job creation and deficit reduction, both things that Republicans like. The House of Representatives remains solidly republican while the Senate made gains for Democrats. I think both sides will have to compromise some in order to get things accomplished in the next four years. 

My Vote Today, President Barack Obama


Today without reservation I will be voting for President Barack Obama and Vice President Joe Biden. I honestly feel they will best represent the interests of all Americans. Our country is moving forward and there is more work to be done and I want to give him the opportunity to finish the job. His saving the auto industry, providing health care for millions and numerous other accomplishments stands for itself. 

Its going to be a great day, get out and vote. God bless America!


Tonight in Charlotte, NC at the Democratic National Convention President Obama and Vice President Biden will accept their party nominations. I am excited about the upcoming election, the debates are going be very interesting. This convention has energized the base and hopefully inspired some independents. The country isn’t where it needs to be but I have faith in this team they can get the job done. Last night President Bill Clinton gave one of the best speeches I have heard in some time. Its been a great convention thus far.