All Things New


Change is a constant in the universe. New things come to all of us. Life is in a perpetual state of renewal and reinvention.

People have the need for change which means they have to leave us and go other places for other opportunities. Other people leave because they are ready to retire from their work and want to slow down their lives.

So many things around me are changing, some for the better, others I question why. Part of change is having to establish new relationships with new people and places and things.

Students will be changing their situation for the summer and some for life as they go on to seek a career or to begin families. Friends, fear not.

Transition means going from one state to another. Life to death, employed to unemployed, leaving one job to take another. I hope the state of grace is in its fullness throughout the journey.

Change is real and it is not easy. Lives change by choice while others change because of circumstances. So as all things are made new remember to hold fast to your faith, your life’s philosophy, your family and friends. Remember we are all changing together.