My desktop setup. A laptop with a second hand LCD monitor plugged in. I’m running Linux too. It’s super geeky don’t ya think?


Bein’ Nerdy


As many of you know I am a unapologetic nerd. I have been one my whole life. We march to the beat of our own drummer. Being a nerd means embracing yourself and the things you are passionate about. In the world of Nerdfighters there seems to be a wide array of interests that one can participate in to make the world suck less. 

A tragic side effect of being a nerd is the world thinks you are a little odd maybe strange. Its sad when a fellow nerd shares the tale of being picked on. We have to stick together and resist the trap of seeing who is a bigger nerd. Remember our duty in being nerdy is to make the world more awesome. We can be a welcome wagon for those who are on the fringe of life. 

Its so sad when I hear of someone going through life alone, without support. As a kid I felt alone a lot of times. The choice to be different is not a easy choice but its one that is made with conviction and integrity. Trying to fit in is not easy in a world that puts celebrities on a pedestal and they are the definition of what people should be. 

As a “grown” nerd I want to let all the younger nerds out there know that they have a friend, they have someone to relate to who has been down the road. None of you needs to go through life without feeling acceptance. The way you treat one another is the measure of what sort of person you are. Doing things for people who can’t return the favor is the right thing to do. 

So my fellow nerds, let your flag fly, be yourselves, embrace your differences, use your interests to change the world. Also know that God loves you, no matter what you may have heard from other voices. DFTBA!