“Blessed are the weird people – poets, misfits, writers, mystics, painters, troubadours – for they teach us to see the world through different eyes”

Jacob Nordby

(I would add bloggers…)


This week belongs to the nerds and geeks.

Let your geek flag fly my friends. Nerdfighters lets hear it from you friends.

Two of our favorite franchises Doctor Who and The Hunger Games are having a big weekend.

Lets do this up big time. Celebrate who we are and remind the world the Geek Shall Inherit The Earth!

Be Young, Do Good


To my younger folks. When you are 19-26 it’s a time to begin your lives and enjoy the journey. Go to college or trade school, get a job and do something with your life that means something. Do good things that can change the world for the better. Be a dreamer then a doer. Resist hating people, be moderate in your politics. The most important thing you can do is love one another and wage peace. Share positive things. Lets have a brighter future than our present. Know that God loves you.

Do Your Part for The World and For Yourself


Everyone in life has their calling that makes the world a better place. Some are called to leadership while others are there to serve others. There are all sorts of things we can do. Teaching, feeding, building, holding, loving are all occupations that are needed in our communities. For those who follow Jesus there are all sorts of opportunities available. It is for the purpose of taking care of those who are in need or those who need a lift in life.

Palm Sunday is the celebration Jesus going into Jerusalem like a hero. He rode in on a donkey (some say colt) we all need that means of transport to carry us into our calling. For Jesus his calling was to give his life for everyone.

However you are called in life please use your talents to do good. Nerdfighters have a saying Don’t Forget To Be Awesome and I think it applies here the world can suck less if we all do our part. It requires courage and faith. There are so many creative opportunities out there.

Whatever and whoever you believe, know that you can make a difference. Don’t be afraid to try new things and always be willing to share your life and love to people who need it.

Tumblr and the Older Blogger


I really enjoy this thing called Tumblr. David Karp was on to something when he and his team started this social blogging platform. The number of people here with varied interests is amazing. Creating a sense of community here can be fun.

Being an “older” blogger here can be a interesting experience. My “about” on my blog says I am 40-something. This fact led me to ask the question, can younger and older bloggers find common ground and have a shared experience that brings them together. How much in common would someone in their early 20’s have with a person in their 30’s, 40’s and lets say 50’s. Tumblr has a large younger demographic. However there are many of us who skew older than lets say 18-25.

I enjoy my time here. This platform can be open to people of all ages, races, orientation and interests. Blogging can keep you younger and can keep you relevant in today’s changing world. What are your thoughts on this?