Maybe there’s something you’re afraid to say, or someone you’re afraid to love, or somewhere you’re afraid to go. It’s gonna hurt. It’s gonna hurt because it matters.

John Green


I am a Nerdfighter for Obama! Yep, he has the geek/nerd communities best interest at heart. Nerds if you are 18 or older, register to vote, bring people to the polls if you can. Make yourself aware of all the issues facing us. Politics is nerdy and good. Democracy is one way to prevent the world from sucking. 

So I am A Nerdfigher…And I Didn’t Even Know It


I posted a question about being a Nerdfighter and is there an age limit and from what I have gathered its a lifetime thing. Cool.

So I am a 42 year old life-long Nerdfighter. I was born a nerd/geek. My whole life I have been interested in media, sci-fi, technology and more.

I also think its about caring for those who are on the fringes, those who march to the beat of their own drummer. My dad and grandfather were both a bit nerdy in the things they were interested in and that carried over to me.

I also have one more bit to throw in and that I think being religious can be nerdy too because its counter cultural and it can be a way to make the world better despite recent demonstrations. 

As a kid I got Star Trek and Star Wars toys along with hand held games. One of my favorite gifts was a Commodore Vic 20 computer and a stereo system. I have to admit I didn’t do much reading which is a popular pursuit. 

Nerdfigher’s main slogan is “Don’t Forget To Be Awesome” and I like that. Its empowering and reminds nerds to be good at being a nerd. The self esteem of nerds/geeks are valuable things and often times subject to being bullied because we have chosen to be different. 

I appreciate that Nerdfighters are a diverse group of people with wide array of interests that can help make the world a better place. Much like a Christian is blessed with spiritual gifts that can be used to serve the church and community.

I appreciate this quote from Hank Green who is a founder of modern nerdfighting. 

We fight against suck… we fight for awesome. We fight using our brains, our hearts, our calculators and our trombones.

Awesome to me is a great way to put it, its making the world better for everyone. Its an inclusive philosophy and it is about bringing light into the world. 

So yes I am a Nerdfighter and don’t mind saying so. DFTBA.

(I am writing this from a perspective of a Christian who is also a Nerd, I respect the rights of people to make those choices for themselves)