Blog Maintenance


I have been doing some maintenance on the blog today. The mass post editor is a great way to add tags to a bunch of posts all at once so you can organize your posts and I tagged a couple hundred pictures to make them easier to find using a link on the sidebar. I got rid of the Facebook “badge” on the sidebar too, if you wanna see my Facebook there is a link to it under my bio. I am not sure what else I am going to do to it….I love my theme because it makes it look like the type of blogs I started with. I did change my blog picture this past week. 


Rambling About Tumblr, Blogging and Connections


Whenever I see a fellow blogger I think I might have things in common with I will follow them. Over the years I have made connections with some pretty good people who have real and interesting lives.

I have met people on Tumblr, Multiply (a deceased social blogging platform) and Twitter from all over the world who share a love for blogging and that is awesome. It’s kind of like having pen pals from back in the day except its interactive and provides instant gratification.

It’s pretty rare that someone is asked to un-follow a fellow blogger and it happened to me yesterday. We aren’t like Facebook where you have to agree to be friends to follow one another. Of course I respected that blogger and un-followed them.

Tumblr is a place where complete strangers can find community and connections in a very global way. We all have things that bring us together and of course differences but perhaps that is what makes this whole thing great. Things are set up here for people to follow one another and to make connections. 

If you find me to be boring or too tame I am not offended if you need someone with more spark and spice. All I can be is myself and offer you a person who is trying to make sense of life and to establish connections with like minded people. Thank you all for sticking and staying.

Your Tumblr is a Blog


I love it when people here think of Tumblr as a regular blog because it is. This can be a grown-up platform for expression. We are no different than WordPress or Blogger, they might have more bells and whistles but perhaps the message should be the overwhelming feature here. 

About my blog


To my new followers here’s what you can expect here. I have been blogging for a long time and it’s a deep interest of mine.

I post about:

– Personal thoughts and observations
– The community I live in
– Faith and religion from a liberal view
– News and current events
– Pop culture and some fandom stuff
– Quotes I like
– Words of encouragement
– Posts of life in the moment
– Food, of course
– Connections with fellow bloggers

If you have any questions about this blog let me know. Keep on blogging friends.

What About Tumblr?


This question popped into my mind, what if Tumblr became a too hostile place for many people to be. There seems to be a wild west atmosphere here where anything goes at times. Some folks have experienced unkind encounters with others on Tumblr. So the question is worth asking, what if Tumblr ceases to be a suitable and safe blogging platform for many so what are the alternatives.

Two other players would be WordPress and Blogger. Both of which don’t have the great social network benefits available to us at Tumblr (but perhaps that is part of a problem as much as it is a good thing). I am just thinking about a time when many of us would have to find other quarters.

Friends I am not leaving but you have to think about things like this. There are good friendships that have been born here and that would be hard. Some people have already gone through a forced migration from other platforms such as Multiply, Vox, Yahoo 360 and the list goes on. Blogging for many is about the community as much as the posting.

Perhaps I am being too alarmist but you still need to have a plan in your mind if such things happen. Blogging for me is an essential part of my online life so these are things one thinks about when you want to be ready for the future.

Tumblr Should Be Different


Why do people have to be so mean…in life and online. I have never gotten that. A friend of mine made an important statement about how some folks can be venomous and toxic here. This is Tumblr and perhaps it should be different than other platforms. Whether it be a public post or a anonymous comment people need to check themselves before they put out hate and other mean things. Behind every blog you see here is a real person who is going through something. Granted some use this as their only platform of expression but even those folks need help beyond a social media platform. We are all in this together. Be kind, its a great thing to do.