Bird Twitter


The birds this morning were tweeting. I wonder what they were posting & hashtagging? Nature was alive at dawn and talking that’s for sure.


Bald River Falls reminded that the power of nature is something to behold. Our lives can easily be reset by spending time communing with creation and our higher power. Perhaps the drama in our lives can be small things if we just realize we are just a small part of this world. Just sayin’.


Hydrangeas blooming on a late spring day. We have these beauties planted in front of our house. Our friend Belinda and Wendell helped us plant these a couple of years ago. Its a lovely splash of color don’t you think.


Oh My Starlings! From The This is your moment of zen today. Two adventurers set out in a canoe and happened upon a starlings (collectively known as a murmuration) doing their amazing collective dance in the sky.

It’s a beautiful phenomenon to behold. And neither biologists nor anyone else can yet explain how starlings seem to process information and act on it so quickly.



   This one is Pine Cottage. I do love a Cottage with a name. And this town of Amberley is apparently straight out of a fairytale or something. (West Sussex, England. by JR P on