Dire Straits – Money For Nothing music video (Good quality, all countries) (by mzq88)

This was what MTV was back in my day (I can’t believe I am old enough to say that) but its true. It was about music, videos, concerts and actual talent.


Tumblr and the VMA’s


Thanks to Tumblr I can catch a little of the MTV Video Music Awards without having to watch it on MTV. Miley and GaGa seem to be making some noise there at the Barclay’s Center. Its actually more entertaining to see the reactions of some of the action of this once relevant and important awards show. It doesn’t seem to be about talent anymore.

MTV 2.0 – Fans increasingly turn to YouTube to sample new music |


I grew up watching MTV well the MTV that focused on music, not reality TV. The MTV of that era was all about exposing established and up-and-coming artists music in video form. This was a great way to market their latest work which meant selling albums. These days YouTube is a great channel for distribution of new music and there can be more money to be made with option of downloading the tunes to your personal music player. Things are changing in the way we consume music and other media.

MTV 2.0 – Fans increasingly turn to YouTube to sample new music |


CMT: Music or Reality? I am watching a show about a man who goes around with a mobile food lab trying to crack the secret recipes of things like KFC’s original recipe. You would think it would be a show on the Food Network…nope its on CMT…Country Music Television. I remember back in the day when CMT was about playing music videos like its cousin MTV. In the beginnings of MTV video killed the radio star but in these days it seems like reality has killed the video star, or so it seems. Above is the CMT logo from the 1990’s and the CMT logo of today. I love country music and I wanna hear and see their interpretations of their songs along with knowing more about the artists. I suppose times have changed a little and music means something else these days.