In Times of Sad Stuff, Know You Are Cared For


Everyone goes through loss of some kind in their lives. We all have experienced tough times. This afternoon I am going to pay respects to my pastor’s mother who passed away on Monday. She was a good woman who’s health was challenged over the past couple of months.

In Matthew 5:4 of The Holy Bible it says 

God blesses those who mourn, for they will be comforted.

I believe that its good to grieve and good to comfort those who do. We all have to face this cruel world we live in with grace and hopefully peace of mind and spirit. We all have issues that challenge us but we have the opportunity to show our strength in times like these. 

It’s my hope you will reach out to someone who cares or find a place of solace and nurturing. Let not your heart be troubled. Know you are loved.