Everyone who has been born has a mother, a special person who has given them life and a place in the world. I am grateful to my mother who showed me what it was to love in so many ways. Without her I wouldn’t know how to cook, clean, be affectionate and so much more. She was my advocate as a young student who had learning differences. Mom got me the help I needed to get through school and through the early years of my life. I really don’t know where I would be without her.

Unfortunately there are many people who don’t have that person in their lives. Some mothers have not had the ability to raise their kids because they made some bad choices in their lives or because of circumstances beyond their control.

There have been other women and even some men who have filled in for that motherly role some boys and girls have needed. I have known many women who have made a difference in the lives of young people in this way. They have been a willing to be the feminine influence that is needed in the world.

Mothers come in all shapes and sizes. They are not perfect but those who have assumed the role of mom its not a matter of being perfect but being available to answer the call.

I am thankful for those women who have been faithful to the kids of the world who have needed them. Everyday should be a mother’s day.


Happy Mothers Day!

Today we celebrate moms and I celebrate my mom Shelia. My mom is a great woman who has loved greatly and has shown me what it means to have a big heart. She has done a lot for her family and friends. I think she’s pretty cool.

I want to say I love my grandmother Polly and my mother-in-law Doris too. They are pretty great ladies who have meant a lot to me and my wife Laura.

God bless all the mom’s out there who are biological, adoptive and spiritual. You all make our world better. Without you our lives would not be the same.


Happy Mother’s Day! To all the mom’s out there who work for our families and communites. Some mothers are biological, others are by adoption. God bless each mother who has done much for everyone of us. 


Happy Mother’s Day to my wonderful mom Shelia. I am blessed to have a great mother who is big on love and cares for many in our family. We celebrated her with a barbecue lunch. God bless you mom!