Happy Monday…Or Something LIke That


Today is Columbus Day in the United States and some folks have the day off, I am not one of them. In some places around the country the holiday has been renamed  “Indigenous Peoples Day” because its more culturally and historically sensitive.

Today in the city its overcast and dreary. It rained and thunderstormed overnight. We are catching up on rain in a big way. I think we have had enough rain though. Today I am working, going to the doctor and this evening its Zumba.

Whatever your day holds may it be a good one. Peace and grace.




It’s Monday again and we are all back to normal in one way or another. I’m back at work today after a 3-day weekend. My goal is to come back strong. Have a great day everyone.

Let’s Do This!

A Dreary Monday


Rains in my area of the country overnight have made today kind of dreary, damp and depressing. There’s nothing like starting any week like that. Many folks can’t go back to bed and hide from it all so they have to just grin and bear it. Fortunately there are many, many more people who have to endure it too so there is a shared experience there. Dreary Mondays are a redundant statement because Monday has a element of dreariness built-in. My friends, let’s get this day going. We will be alright. Hang in there.

Top of The Mornin’ To Ya


Yeah, as we all know it’s St. Patrick’s Day, a time of remembering a great man who is the patron saint of Ireland. Many will spend time having more fun than they should have on a Monday. Whatever your plans are, be safe. Eat, drink and be merry but not too much of either.

It’s the start of a new week and that can be good. Lets see how this week shakes out. I am hoping for good things, perhaps some luck of the Irish. Today I have a board meeting at Family Promise of Greater Chattanoga and we are meeting a friend for dinner tonight who is bringing her daughter in on a college visit.

Thanks to everyone for popping by my blog and being a friend. That is indeed a good thing. God bless you all today.



Friends I hope you all have a great day. Monday’s can be a bit dodgy but we can make it through. I am hoping for a return to a normal schedule soon. Once again thanks for your kindness over the last few days, I appreciate it.