Mistakes, They Will Be Made


Mistakes are something everyone makes. Its a part of life that is unavoidable. No one is perfect so just accept it. There is only so long you can hold on to the feeling you disappointed someone. Eventually you have to release yourself of the guilt. I am always hard on myself when I make a mistake so I understand how some feel. Perhaps is everyone looks in the mirror and reminds themselves they are human then things would be better.




Everyone makes mistakes, we are human after all. Sometimes we can fix them while other times we have to live with them. They can cost us plenty if they are not forgiven. We can learn from them but many repeat mistakes and that’s a viscous cycle to be in. A good person admits their mistakes. Some folks try their best to cover them up. We make mistakes and hope for the best as we try to get past them.

A Statement About Life


Its impossible to be positive 100% of the time. Some things in life won’t let you be happy. I have learned that life, work, whatever won’t go the way you want it all the time. People will bring you down and that’s never fun. The key is to do the best you can and everything else hopefully will take care of itself. Love those who are unlovable. Be yourself in all situations. Let yourself make mistakes and learn from them. May God bless every person, no matter what.

Knowledge Gained By Fixing A Problem


I learned a few new things today while fixing a problem with my wife’s computer. She couldn’t get her Dropbox installation to work on her laptop. Well we run Linux and I had to do some research on how to fix it being different from Windows and Mac OS. Well after getting support from Linux community websites and forums I believe I do have it fixed. It’s cool when you can get something working again and gain some knowledge along the way.

Whenever you have a problem you need to fix you find yourself learning along the way. Hopefully what you are fixing won’t be wrecked in the process though. Mistakes will be made but if you take your time problems can be resolved.

There is something about doing something for yourself that is exciting. However never be ashamed to ask for help along the way because you can gain wisdom from the trial and error of others.

Learning From The Biebs


Justin Bieber has been in the news overnight, he got arrested for drag racing and DUI in Miami. Friends look at Justin and see what he has done and don’t do that. We can all learn from the mistakes and misfortunes of others so we don’t have to go down that road ourselves. When you think you can’t go wrong by doing something, perhaps a second thought will save you some pain. Let’s be the best we can be and perhaps listen to someone who might have your best interest in mind.