Pray For…

  • Pray For Nepal
  • Pray For Baltimore
  • Pray For The Middle East
  • Pray For The Right To Love
  • Pray For Your Community
  • Pray For Your Relationships
  • Pray For Your Life
  • Pray To End Racism
  • Pray For Ferguson
  • Pray For Your Enemies
  • Pray For The Homeless
  • Pray For Your Home
  • Sometimes All You Can Do Is Pray

Pray For Peace – No matter your faith or personal tradition let’s hope for peace in our communities and our world.

There are many conflicts that need resolution these days. From the middle east to the mean streets to our homes. Let there be peace on Earth and let it begin with each of us. Choose love, work for peace. May our spirits find comfort and reconciliation.

Children Of The World


May the children of the world never be pawns in the political games of their countries. From the Middle East to The Americas we see stories of children who are suffering, dying, leaving their families. God be with them and may their be peace on earth. Protecting the children of the world so they can realize the opportunities of tomorrow is important.


Hope for Peace in Syria – Friends the people of Syria have endured much violence and bloodshed over the past couple of years. There are reports of chemical warfare in its Civil War by the leadership on their own people. May there be a resolution to this conflict. God bless the people of Syria and may the war end very soon.

Peace for Egypt


This situation in Egypt has gotten scary. Hundreds are dead in violent protests over their former president. We have seen the unrest there since the Arab Spring of last year. Egypt is a political and cultural place of importance in the region and the world. Pray for peace and reconciliation.