Your Blog’s Look, What Does It Say?


A well done blog is one where its easy to read above anything else. The layout of a website is a reflection of the designer and the content producer. Getting your message across means thinking about the person who will be reading it first. A busy background, non complimentary colors and too much eye candy can get in the way of your blog being its best.

There are a lot of themes on Tumblr choose the one that suits your personality. Your theme should help you communicate what you want to say in the best possible way.


I Have A Blog and I Am NOT Afraid To Use It


Well if anyone is on Tumblr, Blogger or WordPress you have a blog. We shouldn’t be afraid to use them to be creative. Blogging is a great tool everyone can use to help change the world. You, the blogger, have great power and greater responsibility to share good things that can impact people. Be bold and Keep On Blogging!