Ailments of the heart and soul


It’s sad when family and friends have ailments of the heart and soul. Anytime there is suffering it is a reminder of how fragile we really are. When one person hurts it involves others too who are concerned and care for them. There are conditions people battle for years and require intense treatment. Some friends of mine carry a heavy burden and I ask for God to help them through this. May we all have peace of heart and soul. 


Not A Lack of Faith


Having depression or a illness like it is not a lack of faith its a lot more than that. Believers need to embrace those who suffer and help them with the aches of their mind and heart before dealing with the aches of their souls. Prayers for peace and grace in the chaos for all those who are living with mental illness.

It’s Okay


It’s Okay to share when your heart, soul and emotions are wounded. We have come a long way but there’s a sigma still attached to depression and the like. People need to know that they are loved no matter what their situation is. Everyone is human and is in need of love and tenderness. The way to understanding is sharing your cares to people who need to know and can help. It’s okay to hurt its okay to be vulnerable.