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Downton Abbey Season 3 Finishes Tonight on WTCI TV 45


It’s been an incredible season of this show that I have grown to love. There has been much change and chaos both upstairs and downstairs. As Cora said the post-war world has not been kind to Robert. Matthew had to rescue the estate and is making serious changes. Of course Bates got out of jail thanks to hard work from Anna and the Crawley’s legal team. Sybil’s giving birth was a miracle, Sybil’s death was a genuine heartbreak. Branson making his way in the family has been a struggle of conscious and obligation to family. Much more has happened to this family we have welcomed into our homes over these past few weeks but what is to come in the season finale is going to rock our world from what I hear. Get your popcorn and your tissues ready.

I will be watching on WTCI TV 45 in Chattanooga tonight. Support PBS.