This is for you New England. Be safe friends. 


It’s Cold For Tennessee


It’s really cold for us here in the south. This morning it is 19 degrees and it won’t get past freezing so the forecast says. The windchill makes it feel much colder.

It’s a day to stay in if one can or remember to bundle up as you head outdoors.

We got snow last night but nowhere near what our neighbors to the north got. The northeast got hammered with some amazing snowfall. Only a few times in my life have we gotten snow that rivals what they see in places like Maine, New York and Massachusetts. 

No matter where you are be safe, stay warm. Allow time to get where you need to go. 

Thoughts on Boston


Today in one of the most historic cities in  America its premier sporting event was impacted by blasts that have caused death and severe injuries. Boston is an amazing town that is resilient and has a big heart. Let us all pray for those impacted, their families, and the community. Everyone is on edge tonight. Lets keep our heads level and let the people who are investigating this tragedy do their jobs and what happened will be revealed in time. God bless Boston tonight.