The Wedding Day


Thanks for putting up with my wedding posts today. It was a beautiful ceremony and we were blessed to be a part of it. Katie and Freddy are a great couple who have waited a long time for this day. The wedding was rescheduled from October due to Katie’s dad having some health concerns. A wedding is a renewal of life and a reminder of the joy and loveliness there is to be found in life. It has been a great day. God is good.

I hope that the happiness they have will be available to everyone and that marriage will be available to every couple who loves each other.


Weddings and marriages


They are a joining of two people who love one another. Its also a choreographed dance with the bridal party. There are nerves and excitement. The most important thing is its the beginning of a couples life together. Weddings are ceremonies but marriage is the most important thing. I support ALL marriages and may God bless them.

A Quick Word on Marriage


Friends, I have had a great experience this weekend. The focus on my marriage and the institution in general has given me some food for thought.

Marriage in all its forms is important to society. It can show the best that people can be when they are showing amazing care and attention to their spouses. Listening, showing respect, spending time and having patience can help any relationship develop.

Men and women are different in how we react to one another. It takes some skill and commitment to make their lives better. Adversity can reveal a lot about a marriage too and working together can make a big difference.

Being passionate is also helpful too!

Not everyone has had a successful marriage. And for those folks may they find connections that provide them meaning and affirmation.

Marriage, Love Will Find A Way


Marriage is the joining of two souls. A couple who desire to spend a lifetime together. Having been married 14 years I appreciate having someone to spend my life with. One day I wish for everyone to be able to do this. Everyone who desires to join hearts and minds with that special person forever. I hope there will be equality one day. God bless all couples out there.

For those who are single, your day will come my friends. Hold on and be ready. When you meet the right person you will know it. Don’t settle.

Love will find a way.

At Your Service


In reading “The Five Love Languages” I was reminded about Carson and Mrs. Hughes from Downton Abbey. They are dedicated to serving the Crawleys. Yes it was how they made a living but in a way its a model for how we are to care for those who respond to Acts of Service.

Many people love having things done for them. Its not that they are lazy but to them being cared for in this way is an expression of how their spouse or partner can best love them. Taking care of things around the house and at work, if done in a cheerful manner can be an act of love.

Men and women respond to this differently. We have gender role models from our parents who did different things in their household. Women might take care of things inside the house while men took care of things outside the house. In two career households acts of service can be a relationship saver. Communicating to your spouse or partner what you can do for them will prevent resentment and a fractured relationship. Writing it down and being clear is always a good thing.

There are lots of things we can do for one another. Paying attention and asking can go a long way in fostering happiness. Giving of yourself is always a good idea. Being a team and serving one another can create harmony.