Affleck as Batman? Fans outraged

The casting of Hollywood A-lister Ben Affleck as the new Batman sparked fan outrage, with petitions calling for the coveted role to be recast and widespread howling on Twitter.

(I am going to say this man is a two-time Academy Award winner, he has been in some great movies and produced some too. He knows a thing or two about acting. Lets not rush to judgment. This could be a great thing for the Batman franchise)


Man of Steel, A Good Movie In Parts – We saw the latest Superman incarnation today and it was a good movie in parts. It had moments of great story telling showing how Kal-El/Clark Kent became Superman. From Krypton to Earth it was a great story. Then there came a lot of violence and planetary destruction including Smalltown and Metropolis. I would rather see less chaos in movies like these, but maybe that’s the point. Henry Cavill has become Superman in a big way. Amy Adams is great as Lois Lane. Great performances overall.

I taught a lesson on this movie in Sunday school. There is some great imagery and parallels to the story of Jesus and Moses in this movie. Its interesting that two Jewish brothers created this super hero tale.