I have this installed on my computer and it feels like old times. Ubuntu is a great operating system and I have missed many things about it. This is a big orange I can get behind. 


I Love Linux


I love how you can customize everything is in this operating system. You can download thousands of software programs, tweak settings, make it your what you want. The reason why I have used it for years is that its free however there is a learning curve to it just like any other software programs you use. Once you get the hang of it you can do almost anything you want. 

New Laptop Configuration


So I revamped (again) my laptop configuration. I can never leave well enough alone it seems…oh well. Sometimes something doesn’t work just right so you need to make a change until it does. 

I installed Linux Mint 17.1 which seems to be working well on my Dell Latitude D630 which has a few years on it. Recently I experimented with other Linux distributions but they didn’t seem to have a ease of use that Mint has touted for years. Not that I am a total noob but I want something that just plain works. 

Then I installed Google Chrome to be my default browser because I intend to use Google Drive for document and image storage offline. It seems to make sense because I anticipate Google to be around for a long time and I can access and edit my documents on different devices, yea for the cloud.

I did download my documents for local use when I need to. You can download your folder into a zip file. 

So I think I will settle on this unless I discover something that isn’t working well. Of course I will make adjustments along the way. This is a fun thing to do and to make best use of low cost technology and resources to do what I need to do. 

Knowledge Gained By Fixing A Problem


I learned a few new things today while fixing a problem with my wife’s computer. She couldn’t get her Dropbox installation to work on her laptop. Well we run Linux and I had to do some research on how to fix it being different from Windows and Mac OS. Well after getting support from Linux community websites and forums I believe I do have it fixed. It’s cool when you can get something working again and gain some knowledge along the way.

Whenever you have a problem you need to fix you find yourself learning along the way. Hopefully what you are fixing won’t be wrecked in the process though. Mistakes will be made but if you take your time problems can be resolved.

There is something about doing something for yourself that is exciting. However never be ashamed to ask for help along the way because you can gain wisdom from the trial and error of others.


Welcome To Nerd Corner!

I have done some further adjustments to my desktop setup. Yesterday I installed Linux Mint 14 which would allow me to have two computer desktops running at the same time. The picture shows my blog on the left and the Tumblr dashboard on the right running simultaneously. I will be able to enjoy an expanded computing experience this way. I am excited about this new configuration. I also have a external hard drive plugged into my USB port. Welcome to the world of PC fun!


What My Computer Desktop Looks Like – When I log on to my computer this is what I see. I use a Linux distro called Linux Lite. It uses the XFCE desktop environment which is light weight but very functional. Its loaded with useful apps for the Web, graphics, office, media, games and system tools. I have been using Linux in one form or another for about three years now and I really don’t miss Microsoft Windows. The one thing about this Linux Distro it has given new life to our older computer hardware.