Care Note


A really nice thing you can do is when you see a fellow blogger going through some stuff is to drop them a note of encouragement and light. Everyone goes through something and taking the time to tell them you care is good. A care note is a wonderful thing. Lifting someone up can be awesome!


Sharing the light


Spending time spreading positivity and light seems to be a great use of ones energy. Perhaps it could help someone who is in need of it because they are on the brink of something not so good. Love thy neighbor comes to mind. Share your light with others and they will never be in the dark.

Who Turned Out The Lights


Yes that’s a line from a “Doctor Who” episode called “Forest Of The Dead” but this time its for real when my desk lamp blew its bulb. Light is important as it helps us see to perform important tasks such as blogging and cooking and other stuff.

Incandescent bulbs are becoming rare with florescent and LED bulbs becoming more common. Illumination is important for many reasons but it’s also a metaphor for shining the light on our lives and our situations.

We often walk in the dark but we don’t have to. We can curse the darkness or turn on a lamp. Shining our light can also help others who need a lamp unto their feet. Light is important, its vital, we all need it…except when we sleep and that’s another blog post. I hope for you all to have a light so you can see and live better.

The Light and The Dark


There are parts of life that are light while others are dark. A balance of shadows and shades. Sometimes darkness can help reveal light. People can find humor in dark situations. Balance comes at times from dark and light. The light of the world is life and love. Seeing what the path has in front of you requires light. Darkness can cloud the soul and keep people in a prison of their own making. Many people will mire themselves in a culture of loathing and pain. Now is the time to turn on the light of life and live again. Let humanity come together and let the brilliance of creativity, love, peace, joy, happiness flood our hearts.